Set up OneDrive Desktop with Office 365 service on Windows



OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your files. It lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices. When you use OneDrive with an account provided by your company or school, it's sometimes called "OneDrive for work or school." It used to be known as "OneDrive for Business," so you may still see it called that in places as well.



1. Click on the OneDrive - MNSCU (bottom right corner). 

Note: If you do not see the 'cloud' icon in your menu bar, select the Windows Start button in the lower left hand corner of your task bar. When you see the applications lists, scroll and select OneDrive. 

2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on Add Account and enter your office 365 login and password. Click Sign in. 

  • Employees/Emeriti:
  • Students:

5. Click Next on the next window.

6. The next window will show you tips on OneDrive and your setup is complete.

7. You can remove a previous account by completing steps 1 & 2 above and then choose Unlink this PC.

Click here for more information: Sync files with the OneDrive sync client in Windows



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