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This document addresses common questions related to group assignments, including expectations for the project, identifying team mates, organizing communication, creating assignment documents, collaborating on electronic documents, and handling conflicts within the group. It emphasizes clear communication and seeking instructor assistance if issues persist. 

Commonly asked Questions and Answers for Group Assignments 

  1. What are the expectations for the group project?  

Answer: Check the course syllabus and D2L for details on the project's scope, objectives, outcomes, and any specific guidelines are provided on D2L. Read the requirements of the specific assignment. If questions remain, contact your instructor as directed in the course syllabus.  

  1. Who is in the group? 

Answer: The Groups tool in D2L provides a list of group members. Log in to D2L and select the course from the Navbar, then select Communications > Groups.  

D2L navigation bar with communication tab and groups circled

  1. How should we organize and maintain our group communication? 

Answer: Group members need to mutually decide on the mode of communication (either online using Zoom / Teams, In-person meetings, or both). 

  1. How to create a document for the assignment? 

Answer: Carefully review the assignment requirements for clarity on document type (Ex: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel), font size / type and any specific instructions related to citation requirements (Ex: APA, MLA, AP, etc.). 

Create a Word Document: 

  • Open Word App. 

  • Go to the File tab. 

  • Click on New (Blank Document). 

Save a Word Document: 

  • Select File > Save As. 

  • Decide where you want to save the document. TIP: Save to your MS 365 OneDrive account for back-up and convenient access.  

  • Enter a descriptive name for the file and select Save. 

  1. How can group members collaborate on an electronic document? 


Upload and share a collaborative document in OneDrive: 

  •  Log in to Microsoft 365 with your Star ID and password. 

  • Choose OneDrive in the Office Online app launcher. 

icon microsoft apps menu

icon microsoft one drive menu button

  • Within OneDrive, go to Upload and select the File / Folder > Enter the file / folder name > Open. 

microsoft one drive upload button circled

  • Choose the document (file or folder) you want to share for collaborative work. 

  • Select Share to send an email or Copy link. 

  1. If conflicts arise within the group, how should it be handled and what to do if a team member is not contributing? 

Answer: Encourage the group members to work together to find common ground and reach a point that satisfies assignment requirements. Your instructor may provide guidance on establishing group dynamics in the syllabus. It is best practice to use open and respectful communication. Set clear expectations and guidelines for group participation and contributions. If issues arise, document your concerns and seek assistance from the instructor promptly. 


Microsoft Support website: How to Create Electronic Document.  

Microsoft Support website: How to Collaborate Electronic Document.  

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