How to Complete a Video Presentation Assignment


The document explains how to complete a video presentation assignment using MediaSpace, Kaltura Capture, PowerPoint, iMovie, and Prezi video. It covers recording, uploading, and sharing videos, as well as adding closed captions and editing. PowerPoint and other tools are suggested for creating presentations. Related links are provided for additional support. 

Use of Mediaspace and Kaltura Capture for Video Assignment 

What is MediaSpace? 

MediaSpace is a cloud-based platform that provides an alternative to YouTube for creating, storing, and sharing media content. It is a comprehensive video management system that enables faculty, staff, and students to upload, organize, publish, and distribute videos securely. 

How to record, upload, and share video presentations 

  • Select ADD NEW then select Kaltura Capture from the dropdown list. 

Kaltura MediaSpace Add New media drop down menuKaltura Capture Desktop Recorder screen

How to Use PowerPoint for Video Assignment 

  • Open the presentation in PowerPoint. 

  • Go to the Slide Show tab on the main menu. 

  • Click on Record Slide Show drop down and select Record from Beginning. 

PowerPoint Slideshow tab menu

NOTE: Before recording, please select the required setting such as microphone and camera. 

PowerPoint record options settings menu buttonPowerPoint recording options button with audio video and image icons.

  • Clicking on the red button of record as appear on the top left for recording. 

PowerPoint recording record button

  • While recording you can annotate on the slides using the pen tool. 

PowerPoint recording annotation color options

  • When done recording select Stop recording button. 

PowerPoint recording player Record Stop and Replay

  • When you finish recording, close the page using the X in the top right corner of the screen.  

  • Go to File, click on Export. 

  • Select Create a Video. 

  • Create Video. 

PowerPoint Export page

  • Choose the location where you want to save it and select SAVE. 

  • To ensure the video recording is accessible, upload the recording to your MediaSpace account and edit to add closed captions and a transcript.  

Kaltura MediaSpace Add New media menu with Media Upload highlighted

Resources for creating video assignments using Prezi video and iMovie 

Related Resources

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