Roles and Permissions for D2L Brightspace



What are the permissions for each of the roles in D2L Brightspace?



The list of available roles in D2L Brightspace currently include:

  • Student
  • TA
  • TA-plus
  • TA - View Grades
  • Instructor(2)
  • Student Incomplete
  • reviewer
  • TA -CMST
  • ABET Reviewer



Student: The student role is the typical role for students in a course.  The role allows them to do learner-based actions and activities in a course. The student role has no course setup or modification ability.

TA: The TA (Teacher's Assistant) role allows users enrolled in that role access to course-based student data, some course modification, and a more complete view of the course.  For example, a TA can see dropbox submissions, view content items in draft status and add/delete course content.

TA-plus: This role is the TA role, plus access to the gradebook. Users in this role can both see and edit items in the gradebook.

TA - View Grades: This is the standard TA role as above, but they can view the gradebook/grades for students in the course.

Instructor(2): The Instructor(2) role can't delete discussion posts, change classlist enrollment, and can't enroll anyone at the Instructor or Instructor(2) level.  Instructor(2) can enroll student, TA, TA+ roles.

Student Incomplete: Instructors should use this role to accommodate course incompletes. The role simply allows a student access into a previous term's course.

reviewer, TA - CMST and ABET Reviewer:  These roles should only be used by the people or departments for which they were created.



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