How to Fill Out the General Purpose Answer Sheet



How should I fill the General Purpose Answer Sheet?




The General Purpose Answer Sheet is completed once by the instructor as a key and also completed by the students taking the actual test.

Form Marking

  • Use a number 2 pencil only

  • Make dark marks that fill the oval completely
  • Erase completely and cleanly when making changes
  • Do not make any stray marks on the answer sheet
  • Do not write in the margins

The Key (completed by the instructor)
Complete one General Purpose Answer Sheet as the key, which contains the correct responses for each question in the test

  • In the Identification # field, enter values using the format xb999, where  
    • x = "1", the number of key sheets
    • b = a blank column/position
    • 999 = the number of questions in the test (for example: 5, 47, or 125)
    • Fill-in the corresponding bubbles
  • Fill-in the correct response for each question
  • One response is marked – this mark is the only correct answer
  • All responses are marked – any response is correct
  • No response is marked – the question is ignored

The Student Answer Sheets (completed by the students)
There should be one answer sheet per student.

Last Name (optional)

First Name (optional)

Birth date (not used)

Identification # (required)

  • Left Justified in the field
  • Guideline: Use the 8 digit SCSU ID (same ID number used for registration)
  • The identification number must be unique for each answer sheet. An answer sheet with a duplicate identification number will overlay the original answer sheet.

Special Codes (not used)

Gender (not used)

Grade or Education (not used)

Response Items

  • Variable number of student responses dependent on the specific set of questions

Please note that based on the stacking mechanism on the scanner, the student answer sheets will be returned to the instructor in the reverse order of how they were submitted for processing.



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