How to Enhance Your Online Learning Using D2L


This document offers strategies for students to optimize their online learning using the campus Desire 2 Learn (D2L) Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). Key points include familiarizing yourself with the D2L platform, active engagement, effective collaboration, and maintaining self-discipline to achieve academic success. By following these strategies, you can optimize your online learning experience and achieve your academic goals. 

Ten Strategies to Improve Your Learning on D2L 

To optimize the online learning experience, you can implement a range of strategies and methods while learning on D2L. Below are ten effective strategies you can use to improve your learning: 

  1. Become familiar with D2L: Invest time in thoroughly exploring the platform. Gain an understanding of its layout, navigation, and features. Acquaint yourself with the various tools and resources available, such as announcements, discussion boards, calendar, assignment submission, and quizzes. 

  1. Establish a structured routine: Approach online learning with the same dedication and discipline as in-person classes. Develop a schedule that aligns with your personal and academic commitments. Allocate specific time for studying, attending virtual lectures, participating in discussions, completing assignments, and taking tests. For asynchronous courses, allocate time to view lecture videos, read the textbook and/or other literature, read posted announcements, and log-in at least once a week (daily log-in recommended). 

  1. Engage actively in discussions: Take an active role in online discussions. Contribute your thoughts, ask questions, and respond to your peers' contributions. Build a community within your course. By engaging in meaningful discussions, you will exercise critical thinking which will deepen your understanding of the course materials and foster social collaboration with your classmates. 

  1. Maintain regular communication with your instructors and classmates: Read instructors announcements and email messages to stay current on course updates. Seek clarification on course content or assignments as needed. Use your SCSU email for official correspondence. TIP: Stay connected by updating your notifications in D2L. 

  1. Leverage multimedia resources: Capitalize on the multimedia resources available on D2L, such as recorded lectures, podcasts, and interactive presentations. Engaging with diverse content formats enhances your comprehension and retention of course material. 

  1. Utilize self-assessment tools: Take advantage of D2L's self-assessment features, including quizzes and practice exams. If provided in the course, utilize these resources to assess your understanding of the subject matter and identify areas that require further review. Reflect on the immediate feedback to reinforce your learning and address any knowledge gaps. 

  1. Collaborate effectively: Engage in group projects and collaborative assignments facilitated through D2L. Utilize the platform's communication tools to coordinate with team members, share ideas, and assign tasks. Effective collaboration enhances learning outcomes and cultivates valuable teamwork skills. 

  1. Maintain organizational discipline: Keep track of deadlines, assignments, and course materials using D2L's organizational features. Establish a system for managing your virtual files (use Microsoft OneDrive) to ensure easy access to relevant resources. Stay informed by monitoring course updates and announcements provided by instructors. 

  1. Seek support when needed: There is both technical and academic support available. If you encounter challenges or have questions about your computer or D2L, contact Husky Tech. For academic support, there are several services available such as (available in D2L), SCSU Writing Center, and Academic Tutoring.  

  1. Practice self-motivation and discipline: Online learning demands self-motivation and discipline. Set goals, maintain a positive mindset, and remain committed to your studies. Actively participate in online discussions, complete assignments by the due dates, and regularly review course materials to optimize your learning experience. 

By implementing these strategies and utilizing the features built into D2L, you will be able to effectively navigate the online learning environment, attain your academic goals, and acquire valuable knowledge and skills in preparation of your future career goals.  


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