Request Combination of Multiple Sections into One Course


  • Combine multiple sections into one course shell within the LMS 
  • To request the combination of multiple course sections into one D2L Brightspace course, use the Course Request application. 


  • D2L course shells will be created automatically (without having to be manually requested by the instructor). Please note that requests for the combination of multiple course sections into one D2L course will still require a request through the D2L course request application (login required). 
  • Once a course has been entered into the ISRS term course maintenance system, the D2L course shell will be available the next calendar day. 
  • Instructors will be able to email students from D2L much earlier (55 days before the start of the course start date instead of 11 days). 
  • Instructor and student enrollment/unenrollment will be more timely, accurate and consistent. 



  • Available to faculty and staff

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