Request assistance with course design, D2L Brightspace, captioning or Innovation Hub-related questions.

Services (6)

Captioning Request

Captions help students who are hard of hearing, improve comprehension for English Language Learners and those with cognitive challenges, and support viewing in sound-sensitive environments.  To request captions for instructional materials for fall semester 2020 or spring semester 2021, please fill out the online captioning request form ( or contact for more information.

Course Design Consultation Request

Request support for the use of teaching and learning technology and sound pedagogical principles to design in-person, online and hybrid courses.

HuskyTech Innovations Hub Request

Request the use of the HuskyTech Innovation Hub to host a workshop, presentation, class or event in HuskyTech; or ask other questions about the Innovation Hub.

Request a Development or Semesterless Course Shell in D2L Brightspace

Request a blank course shell for a group, training or other need. Courses in ISRS with an assigned instruction will automatically have a D2L course shell created for that course and do not need a request.

Request Combination of Multiple Sections into One Course

To request the combination of mulitple course sections into one D2L Brightspace course, use the Course Request application (

Request Training from IT Services

Request training from IT services. IT can provide training on a range of services, including but not limited to: Security awareness, software, teaching and learning technologies, project management/Agile and LEAN.