Popular Services

Request electronic and/or physical (key) building access.

Request a temporary loaner laptop or technology equipment to complete coursework (or work) for the current semester through St. Cloud State University.

Note: A limited number of devices are available. Please continue to use our lab computers if you are able to come to campus.

Request technical support for state-owned computers, printers, etc. You may also schedule an appointment for moving technology, getting technology set up at your campus workstation, assisting with installing a driver update, or other general technical support for state-owned equipment.

Request the removal of an individual’s electronic and/or physical (key) building access.

Report a technology issue with software, wifi, devices, etc., or request information from HuskyTech/Information Technology Services.
Report an IT service that is not working properly, including a service that appears broken or a reduction in the quality of an IT service.

Request digital signage services at St. Cloud State University

Request a shared mailbox (SCSU email account that can be used by multiple people).

Report a lost or missing state key

Request Wi-Fi in a new area, access from the internet to an internal IT system, or activate a port in order to connect your computer to the internet via Ethernet cable.

Request a list of an employee's physical key or card swipe building access.

Request the creation of electronic forms, workflows, reports and/or business process improvement through digitalization.

Request a new group email distribution list that pulls from a data source (e.g. ISRS), or a change to an existing list.

Request remote access to secure applications or services, or request assistance with connecting to secure applications while off-campus.

Request information or support for employee phones and phone/voicemail services at St. Cloud State.

Ask Questions about important billing & payment dates, cost of attending SCSU, your student account, third-party benefits and more

Request information or advice related to information technology services at SCSU.

Request information about or assistance with SCSU hiring processes.

Get connected with the University Communications team regarding questions or inquiries

Request the installation of software to be used on a University-owned device. For your convenience, faculty and staff can easily download and manage many software applications through a software management system already available on your University-owned computers (Software Center for Windows, and SCSU Self-Service for Mac computers).

Request assistance with HR-related questions not already listed within the list of HR services.

Request a modification to your Preferred Name

Request access to IT-hosted services, system, data, or shared mailbox; or get assistance with access issues or questions. Request modification or removal of access to technology services, systems or data.

Find helpful articles and answers about SCSU services using the searchable Knowledge Base.

Request a supplemental account (includes department files space and Wi-Fi capabilities that can be used by multiple people).

Initiate a request to obtain software using University funds and/or to be used on University-owned devices. This includes free software that will be used on University-owned devices. Include software request process information.