Digital Form Automation Request


  • Digital forms can range from simple email-based forms to feature-rich, workflow-supported applications.
  • Move current paper or PDF/Word forms and processes that currently require documents to be emailed around or physically printed and delivered to offices, to a more digital, user-friendly solution.
  • Full-featured, workflow-supported forms:
    • Form digitization allows processes to move digitally from initiator to authorizer(s), including the ability to include attachments and electronic signatures as needed.
    • Data integration with ISRS, Perceptive Content, Office365 and other vendor applications.
    • Departmental users can track the workflow progress, see the status of a form, and receive notifications at any time.
    • End users can search for in-progress forms to see where they are in the process, as well as their completed forms and processes.
  • Other options are also available for forms that don't required the full-featured solution, some of which can be developed and maintained by the form owner.


  • ITS can assign project request resources as necessary to allow for successful implementation or upgrades and consult with you to determine the best solution for your need.


  • This service is intended to provide process design assistance to develop and integrate online applications, forms, workflows and digital signatures in an effort to build an efficient and sustainable university.
  • To submit a request, click “Request Service” and fill out a form. A member of ITS team will contact you within 1-2 weeks of requesting this service to discuss prioritization and gather additional details.


  • Do you have other questions? Find technology assistance and answers in our Knowledge Base.
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