Signing into Zoom


How to log into Zoom with your StarID


Getting Started: 

  • Sign in to Zoom with your StarID and password. 
    • Web-based
    • Install Zoom Video Communications applications, a desktop client and an Outlook plugin, on University-owned computers through Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Macs). 
    • To use the Zoom mobile app, choose the SSO (Single Sign On) option and enter 'Minnstate' for your company domain, then click continue.
  • Get started with Zoom.


Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Click 'Sign in with SSO'
    • Students must authenticate your account by first signing in with StarID/Pass at or through the SCSU website (search: zoom) before you can join any zoom classes in D2L.


  • When signing into, it’s important to note that when presented with the SSO screen that you enter “minnstate” into the field to replace the “Your company domain”

  • Login using your StarID and PW

  • Additional tips/tricks-
    • Do not use the app, use a web-based sign in through and sign in with StarID and password
      • To use the Zoom mobile app or Desktop app, choose the SSO (Single Sign-On) option and enter 'Minnstate' for your company domain, then click continue.
    • Sign in using another browser (i.e. usually use Chrome, use Edge)
    • Sign in using incognito … normally located on the top right of your screen and scroll to in private or incognito mode pending the browser
    • To reduce zoom bombing to increase security, please go to the security tab and select the following: 

For help switching accounts see the article "Switching Zoom Accounts"


For additional technical support-

Click on Zoom-provided support to access Zoom's Help Center.

For video tutorials, click on Zooms Training Webinar 

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