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Access BlueZone via Remote Desktop Services

BlueZone is now available via Remote Desktop Services. This will allow you to modify the password for secure applications like SEMA4 or EPM11 while you are off campus. There are a few steps each person needs to complete one time so this will work when you sign into RDS.

Apps Anywhere Access

How and where Apps Anywhere can be accessed

Apps Anywhere - Citrix Virtual Desktop

How to log into Apps Anywhere

Employee Remote Desktop Services

How to connect to services on Remote Desktop

How to Access Apps Anywhere 2.0

How to access AppsAnywhere 2.0

Remote Access and Work from Home Terminology

For getting a better understanding of Remote and Work from Home terms

Remote Desktop Connection

How to connect to Remote Desktop

SCSU Virtual Lab/Citrix Receiver (AppsAnywhere)

Using campus software on your personal device

SCSU-Remote VPN Installation & Setup for Windows

How to set up SCSU VPN on Windows 10

SCSU-Remote VPN Setup for Mac

How to set up SCSU VPN on a Mac

What is Direct Access

What is Direct Access

Telework IT Resources for Faculty and Staff

List of telework resources and links

Using Apps Anywhere to connect to campus applications

How do I use AppsAnywhere to access remote applications?