Access BlueZone via Remote Desktop Services


BlueZone is now available via Remote Desktop Services. This will allow you to modify the password for secure applications like SEMA4 or EPM11 while you are off campus. There are a few steps each person needs to complete one time so this will work when you sign into RDS.



  1. Sign into Remote Desktop Services at
  2. Click to open the Employee Remote Desktop icon
  3. Enter your StarID credentials and click OK.
  4. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge are recommended) and go to
  5. Click on the check box and Enable the “Java Plug in helper”
  6. Click “Continue to BlueZone Download”
  7. When asked about the Java Update Needed, add a check mark to the box “Do not ask me again…” then click “Later”.


  1. When you are asked “Do you want to run this application”, add a checkmark to “I accept the risk and want to run this application”, then click “Run”.

  1. Close the installer
  2. Open BlueZone Session using the icon on the desktop.




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Tue 2/16/21 4:50 PM
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