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What is digital signage? What content can be displayed on the digital signs on campus?



Digital Signage at St. Cloud State University is a system that replaces traditional signs with electronic signs such as LCD or plasma panels located on and off campus.

  • It allows for targeted programming in various locations to various audiences.
  • Content can range from campus related information, announcements, entertainment, to upcoming events.
  • Content can be scheduled and quickly updated.

Locations of screens

  • 5th Ave Live Welcome Center
  • Administrative Services
  • Atwood Memorial Center
  • Cable TV Channel 8
  • Campus Recreation Field house
  • Centennial Hall
  • Education Building
  • Garvey Commons
  • Halenbeck Hall
  • Health Services- Case-Hill
  • St. Cloud State at Plymouth
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Residential Life- Case-Hill, Holes, Mitchell, Sherburne, Shoemaker
  • Stewart Hall
  • Wick Science Building

Guidelines and best practices on content

  • Advertised events must be open to all of the SCSU community.

  • Content must be directed to the St. Cloud State University community and have a named campus sponsor.
  • Due to space/time limitations, messages promoting weekly or monthly meetings are not permitted.
  • One slide per event or notification displayed at a time.
  • Messages promoting events at bars or promoting alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • The system is not a storage area; remove all files and links after the end date.


  • Use a minimum of text/information as the slide is displayed for only 10 seconds.
  • Signage design must be:


    • 781 x 541 pixels
    • JPG file type
    • LANDSCAPE orientation
    • Properly named file: Name the file to be uploaded to the system with reference to the category folder and the end date for when the slide is no longer to be displayed. Example: “honors-promotion-10may2017.jpg”. Slides displayed without an ending date, may be removed.


For users of the Digital Signage system, login at


For more information and assistance creating and uploading content or training, contact:
Mary Craighton
(320) 308-4763



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