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Attention ISRS desktop users and ISRS web application users:

The ability to view or print PDF reports within the Report/Process has been removed from some of the Desktop ISRS application reports, including the DARS and Transcript reports. Other reports will no longer be available in the desktop client after May 28, 2020.

Reports can be accessed via ISRS Reports in Employee Home.  You can open a report and print to a campus network printer or save the report as a PDF.  ISRS Reports are not available while off campus unless you are signed into a computer using Remote Desktop Services. We recommend you use Acrobat to access reports. To change your computer to open PDF files using Acrobat,

Please be advised that reports contain sensitive information and you should properly secure these electronic report files as you would with paper.



Instructions to view PDF Reports on the ISRS Web Reporting Application


1. Start by signing into Employee Home. Access the ISRS Reports tab at the top of Employee Home.

2. Click on Reports and select the report, then fill in your search parameters.

3. Click the Search button.

4. If your report has parameters, please complete these parameters.

  • After you have clicked “Submit”, you will see a message that the report was submitted.  

5. Click on Monitor to view your recent reports.

6. The report number will show on the left. Click the PDF to open the report.

7. You can download and save or you can print the report.

For assistance and support:

Please view the ISRS Reporting Application Video Tutorial for a demonstration of the new functionality.

You can also access the ISRS Reporting Application User Guide

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