Logging Off a Lab Computer



What happens when I do not log off of a campus computer?  




Always be sure to log off of campus computers when you are finished using them. Leaving a computer logged into your student account can leave your personal information vulnerable to others and it is an inconvenience to the other students and staff members who would like to use the computers.

If you do not log off of a computer running Windows and then attempt to log into another Windows computer, you will be logged out of the former machine and the current computer will notify you that this has taken place. The campus Apple machines, however, will not let you log onto another computer while you are still logged into another machine, so be sure that you are logging out of the Apple computers when you are finished using them.

Instructor stations in the E-Classrooms will lock after a period of idling, which will require the credentials of the previous user. If the instructor station is locked because a previous faculty forgot to logout, restart the machine and it will clear their account so a new user may use the station.




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