Request a Guest Login


A guest login account can be created for visitors to use computers on campus or connect to a network other than the SCSU_Public wireless network.

  • A series of log-in credentials can be created for large groups and camps.
  • This service is available for visitors with a justifiable need, like an event that requires a visitor to use on-campus technology.
  • Faculty and staff are eligible to make this request.


  • Visitors are able to use on-campus technology that requires credentials
  • Useful for seminars, training, and other events with outside presenters 


  • Internet access for guests using our guest network
  • As an alternative, SCSU_Public Wi-Fi is available and does not require authentication. 
  • Do you have any other questions? Find technology assistance and answers in our Knowledge Base
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Fri 8/28/20 12:31 PM
Mon 10/4/21 11:05 AM