Minnesota State Grant Eligibility


Minnesota State Grant eligibility 


I received the Minnesota State Grant in the fall. Why didn’t I receive it in the spring?


Minnesota State Grant eligibility is determined by your FAFSA results and Minnesota residency requirements.    

There are two possible reasons why you may have only received the Minnesota State Grant in the fall semester, and not for the spring semester. 

  1. You are taking a fewer credits in spring. The Minnesota State Grant requires 15 credits per term to receive the full grant amount. The grant is prorated down for every credit you take below 15 credits. You may not be eligible for Minnesota State Grant at the reduced credit level. You can check to see if this the case in your student e-Services.  
    • Select the “Financial Aid” link and then “Awards by Credit Level”    
    • Review your Minnesota State Grant eligibility at the per credit amount for each semester
  2. You reached the maximum limit of Minnesota State Grant. Student eligibility for the Minnesota State Grant program is limited to an equivalent of four full years of attempted credits at all post-secondary institution whether or not you ever received the Minnesota State Grant for those attempted credits.


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