Employee Self Service Portal password reset


If you are a former state employee returning to state service, then you will likely need to reset your employee self service portal.  If you are a current state employee, and have forgotten your password, you can attempt to reset it through the employee self service portal. 




1.  Go to http://mn.gov/selfservice


2.  Click on the Forgot Your Password? Link:

3.  Enter your state employee ID number:



4.  The system will ask you one of your security questions, if you set one up:


5.  If you did not set up a security question, the system will ask you for your social security number.  Enter this without dashes, i.e., 123456789:


6.  The system will then create a new temporary password for you, which you should use to sign in.  This password will expire as soon as it is used, and force you to change to a new password:



7.  If the system will not allow you to reset your employee self service portal password, please email MMB at selfservice.mmb@state.mn.us and ask them to reset your password for you.  You will need to give them your state employee ID number.


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