Minnesota Resident Tuition Eligibility


Who is eligible for Minnesota resident tuition?


Minnesota residents are eligible for Minnesota resident tuition and others who have demonstrated domicile in Minnesota.

In order to be reclassified as a Minnesota state resident, a student must first demonstrate the establishment of domicile (permanent home) in Minnesota as described in this part.

A.  Required Period of Residence. A student must have resided in Minnesota for a continuous period of one calendar year immediately prior to applying for reclassification, and residence in Minnesota during this period of time must not have been solely or primarily for the purpose of attending a college or university.

B. Other factors. Each of the following additional facts and circumstances may be considered in the evaluation of a petition for a change in state residency, and other factors not listed may also be considered. The existence of any one of these factors is neither necessary nor sufficient to form the basis for a decision. It is the student's responsibility to provide documentation or evidence of any factors to be considered in the reclassification decision such as:

  • Continuous presence in Minnesota between academic terms or other periods when not enrolled as a student.
  • Minnesota State Income Tax Form for the year in question.
  • Registration as a voter in Minnesota.
  • Ownership of a home in Minnesota.
  • Domicile of the student's spouse in Minnesota.
  • Registration of the student's automobile in Minnesota.
  • For a dependent student, domicile in Minnesota of the student's parent or legal guardian.
  • Evidence of the intention to acquire a domicile in Minnesota. 
  • Sources of the student's financial support are generated within Minnesota.
  • An offer of employment in Minnesota to begin after the student's projected date of college or university graduation.
  • Graduate of a Minnesota High School

Before you can apply for Minnesota resident tuition, you must become a resident of Minnesota. Here is a link to the application: Change of Residency Status for Tuition 

Additional information about this policy can be found in the Residency box at the bottom of the Cost of Attendance, Tuition & Fees page of our website and at the following link:  Minnesota State - Board Policy 2.2 State Residency

Please contact the Office of Records and Registration at (320) 308-2111 or registrar@stcloudstate.edu if you need further assistance.

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