Delegate Authority Quick Resource Guide

In This Guide: 

  • Introduction
  • How to access Supervisor Tools
  • Supervisor View
  • Manage Employee Status
  • Delegate Authority
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Log In to Employee Home

Log in to the following URL using your StarID and password:

The preferred web browser for this application is Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, or Safari for Mac Users

NOTE: Internet Explorer should NOT be used for this application


A supervisor has the ability to assign certain web-based supervisory tasks to a designee who is an employee or supervisor at the selected institution. The designee must be an active employee at the same institution. This guide provides the steps a supervisor will take to delegate authority.


How to Access Supervisor Tools

As a supervisor, you will automatically have access to the "Supervisor" tab on the Employee Home landing page if you have employees that report to you.  Select the supervisor tab to access the Supervisor Tools page.  If the Supervisor Tab does not appear for you, check the institution in the top right corner to make sure you are working with the correct institution. 

For more information on Employee Home, please see the Employee Home User Guide 
( and password required when prompted to log into Office 365 SharePoint) 


Delegate Authority

Effective June 17, 2019, the following tasks may be assigned:

  • View Upcoming Employee Events
  • Manage Employee Appointments (View Only)
  • Manage Employee Appointments (Update)
  • View Employee Infor (Job, Education, Experience, Security, Systemwide FTE)
  • View Employee ISRS Security Roles
  • End Employee ISRS Security Roles

NOTE: Tasks that allow update rights also include view rights, so only one designation is needed for those tasks. Employees who have been assigned as a designee will have those tasks listed under the Supervisor tab in Employee Home.


Delegate Authority Rules

  • A task delegation may be assigned to one or more employees or supervisors.
  • Duplicate delegations are not allowed (i.e. same institution, organization unit, task, and designee).
  • A supervisor can view and manage the delegations of his/her direct reports.
  • A designee will not be able to view the Emergency Contact or Phone Numbers of the employees delegated to them.
  • A designee will be able to view their own information, but not update it

      Steps to Delegate Authority

      1. Select the New Delegation  button 

      2. Select the Institution, Task, and Designee (Begin typing name of designee and select name from drop down list).

      3. Save.

      4. if additional tasks are to be assigned, follow the above steps and rules for each task/designee

Once a task is assigned, you may review the task under Delegate Authority. The Delegator, Institution, Task, Designee and Created date will display for each record. There is no option to delete or end date a delegation. If a delegation needs to be changed or removed, it must be inactivated and a new delegation must be entered.


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