Time and Leave Reporting Quick Resource Guide


The Time and Leave Reporting application allows supervisors to immediately review, approve or deny leave and additional pay requests.  This application also allows supervisors to route approval processing to another supervisor using Routing Rules, as well as approve requests and time sheets that have been routed to them.

Browser:  the preferred web browser for this application si Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, or Safari for Mac users.  NOTE:  Internet Explorer is not recommended as the display may be innacurate or distorted. 

Access Time and Leave Reporting

Time and Leave Reporting is accessed through Employee Home at https://eservices.minnstate.edu/employee/public/secure .  Log in using your StarID and password, then select eTimesheet from the menu.

Manage Requests

This is the landing page for supervisors who log into Time and Leave Reporting.  The default information presented includes any past, present or future employee requests in a pending or cancel pending status.  If there are no requests in this status, a message will display that indicates “No leave requests were found. Try expanding your search”.  If pending or cancel pending requests are listed, supervisors will be able to approve or deny requests for employees that report to them, or employees who have been routed to them by another supervisor.

Employees are listed in alphabetical order by last name.  By clicking on the Employee Heading above the names, you may change the sort order from Ascending to Descending.  In addition to the employee name, the Supervisor or Routed from Supervisor name will be listed, the status of the request, the leave type for the request, the amount requested (presented in either hours or days depending on the employee), and the action that may be taken.  To see additional request information and the Employee’s leave balances, click on the ellipsis ... next to the employee’s name.

Employee List

The Employee List page provides a supervisor with a list of all employees assigned to them, or routed to them.  The list displays employees in alphabetical order by last name, with the supervisor of the employee listed to the right of the name.  This page allows a supervisor easy access to all employees, where they can then proxy to the employee’s Manage Requests page to perform a number of proxy functions.  See the Supervisor Proxy section for additional information on proxy rights.

Supervisor Proxy

Click on the employee name from the Employee List or Employee Requests to proxy to that employee’s request page.  You may then enter in a new request, edit a pending request, or delete a request on behalf of the employee.  You may also filter requests using any of the options under Filter your results.NOTE: Requests that are entered by a supervisor in proxy mode are automatically approved.


Click on the Timesheet tab to go to Supervisor Home.  On the Supervisor Home tab, a supervisor may review timesheet statuses, review and approve current pay period timesheets, search for and approve prior pay period timesheets and submit their own timesheet if applicable.

Routing Rules

A supervisor may temporarily route timesheets and leave requests to another supervisor.  You may route to only one supervisor at a time.  A routing rule should have an end date within 6 months.  Do not set indefinite routing rules as circumstances may change.  A supervisor must delete routing rules prior to separating or transferring, since the routing rule is not institution specific and it will continue to stay in effect after a transfer or separation.

Steps to set a Routing Rule

  1. Go to the Timesheet tab, which will bring you to the Supervisor Home screen.
  2. Select Routing Rules from the navigation menu. The Routing Rules screen is then displayed.
  3. Enter the Begin Date and End Date for the period of time when you want another supervisor to approve your employees’ timesheets and requests.
  4. Begin typing the Last Name, and select an Assigned Supervisor to whom you want to route approvals during your absence. (Note: This search field is case sensitive)
  5. Click Save Routing Rules. The information you entered is displayed at the bottom of the list of Supervisors Routed To.

For additional details on maintaining routing rules, see the Supervisor User Guide.


Supervisor Notifications 

A supervisor is not notified when a leave or OT request is submitted.  They must go to eTimesheet on a regular basis to review and make decisions about leave and additional time requests.  

If a request is submitted after a timesheet has been approved, or any other timesheet changed is made after approval, the supervisor will receive an email from the Time and Leave Reporting system to prompt them to review the leave request and timesheet changes and re-approve, as appropriate, so that payroll can be processed.  The email is sent from NoReply@minnstate.edu, and the subject line is Action Required: Time and Leave Reporting Approval.

Additional Documentation: 

Supervisor User Guide


For additional assistance, please submit a ticket via the Minnesota State IT Service Desk portal: https://servicedesk.minnstate.edu/

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