Space Requests


St. Cloud State University has implemented a process to capture all project and space reallocation requests within a set period of time so that each can be reviewed, analyzed, and prioritized based on criteria established by our It’s Time framework. This process will allow us to take a more comprehensive view of identified priorities, determine how to align campus resources, and to be able to provide better customer service and feedback on project requests. 


“Projects” are defined as:  

1. Changes in space needs  

2. Modifications to existing spaces or infrastructure that are not maintenance  

3. Significant changes to signage  

4. Modifications to land or outdoor space 

5. Proposed furniture or equipment purchases 

6. Space realignments or modifications to support grants, donations, or externally funded activities. 

Process: All project requests are to go from the requestor to your academic department’s dean (or other area leaders) to be evaluated for alignment with the college/school’s strategic priorities.  The dean/area leader will then evaluate and prioritize the requested projects and advance those on to the provost/divisional leader.  The provost/divisional leader will further refine and prioritize requests within the University’s strategic framework. Projects will be authorized based on institutional priority and availability of resources. 


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