SCSU has established design standards for furniture.  The specific products and colors will generally be determined by Facilities Management to align with the design standards and to match the rest of the building.


Durability and maintainability are key factors in furniture longevity; therefore, all furniture shall be commercial-grade products. All furniture purchases, or acceptance of donated furniture, must be done in consultation with Facilities Management. 

Key considerations: 

  1. Most office furniture is designed or selected to fit within a particular room.  Therefore, in most cases, furniture shall remain within its designated room.  If there is a programmatic need to relocate furniture, please submit a Facilities work request ticket to have the space evaluated. 

  1. When a person relocates to a different office, the furniture should not be moved.  

  1. If there is a programmatic change that would indicate that a furniture modification is needed, please submit a Facilities work request ticket. A member of the Facilities staff will meet with you to evaluate the request and what possible solutions may be available. 

  1. When a department no longer needs a furniture piece, they can submit a Facilities work ticket to request that the item be removed. Facilities staff will evaluate the item to determine if it should be redeployed on campus, put into storage, sold, or disposed of.   

  1. Furniture replacement is typically a departmental expense. 



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