Windows, Shades and Blinds


Windows, shades, or blinds are provided in many classrooms, offices, and other spaces in campus buildings. St. Cloud State University routinely evaluates the condition of window shades and blinds across campus.  Typically, window shades and blinds are replaced when they no longer function as designed. 


SCSU has established design standards for windows, shades, and blinds.  The specific color will generally be determined by Facilities Management to align with the design standards and to match the rest of the building. 

All window shade and blind removals or replacements must be overseen by Facilities Management and will be done by trained staff or contracted vendors.  Individual departments, faculty, and staff are not authorized to remove window shades or blinds and shall not contact contractors or vendors directly. 

If you have a concern about the condition of a window shade or blind, please submit a Facilities work request ticket to have the area evaluated. 







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