How to set up an Airtame Session


How to set up and use Airtame and how to connect to Airtame via Eduroam




Airtame is available to Students, Faculty and Staff


Note about installing software before trying to connect:

 Before you are able to use AirTame you must install the software on your computer.

  • As a student, you will not have access to Software Center or Self service.  If you would like to download the AirTame software, please visit the AirTame Website.


If you are Faculty or Staff and you do NOT have the Airtame software on your computer, please follow the instructions below for Windows or Mac:

For Windows PC's:

1. You will need to open Software Center by clicking the search button located next to your Windows Start button.

2. From here, you will type Software Center in the search bar, then click the Software Center Icon.

3. Once Software Center opens, Type Airtame in the search bar in the upper right side of the window and hit Enter.

4. Then click Install and allow the installation process to take place.

5. After the installation has been completed you will need to reboot your computer before you can use Airtame.

6. For further assistance using Software Center, please see the article: Installing software on a state-owned computer.

For Mac:

  • Click on the magnifying glass on the top right side of your desktop.
  • Type "SCSU Self-Service" and hit Enter.
  • In the search bar at the top left of the window, type "Airtame" and hit Enter.

  • Click the Airtame Icon and click install.
  • After the installation has been completed you will then need to restart your computer.

For iOS:

  • Present with AirPlay from an iOS device

    • On your iPad, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to open the Control Center. On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. On an iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen.

    • Tap on Screen Mirroring.

    • Watch this video for further instructions: Present to Airtame with AirPlay

    • Tap on the name of the Airtame from the list.

    • To stop mirroring your iPhone or iPad, open the Control Center again, tap Screen Mirroring, then tap Stop Mirroring

For Android:

How to stream with Google Cast from a Chrome browser

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, select More (the three dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser) and then click on "Cast".

  3. Choose whether you’d like to share your current tab in Chrome (Cast tab) or your whole screen (Cast desktop)

  4. Select the name of the Airtame device. When you are done and wish to stop sharing select "Stop".

How to stream with Google Cast from Android devices

The steps to mirror from your Android might vary depending on your device. The most common ways are either by using "Smart view", "Screen mirroring", "Quick Connect" or through the Cast settings on your phone.

  • We support Android 8 and up.

  • Some phones require the Google Home app to cast - How to cast from Google Home app.

  • No PIN code support. Google Cast does not provide PIN code support therefore PIN will need to be disabled or Pin override has to be enabled as well.

Instructions on connecting to Airtame

To set up an Airtame Session:

  1. First, make sure TV is powered ON.
    • The image below is very similar to what will be displayed on the TV screen.
  2. Also, make sure you are connected to the HuskyNet.Secure Wi-Fi on your wireless device.

  1. Open the Airtame App from your device.
  2. From your device, enter the Device Name being displayed from the TV in your room, into the search bar. (as shown in item 1)

  • After you have entered the Device Name that corresponds to the TV, you can click either Share Window or Share Screen, depending on what you want to share. (as shown in red box item 3)
    • You can also "Favorite" a room by clicking on the STAR next to the room name for easy connection in the future (as shown on item 2) 
  • Next, enter the PIN that is displayed on the TV screen into the Application on your device.
  • After you've connected, your device screen will be mirrored to the TV and the below image is what you will see in the Airtame application on your device.
    • From here you can switch back and forth between window and screen sharing, toggle the audio on/off, as well as the option to disconnect from the session by simply clicking the Stop button.


Setting up airtame on Eduroam:

1. Connect to the eduroam wi-fi on your device with your starid, and starid password.

2. Open the airtame app and enter the IP address in the search bar on the app.

2. Click on the share screen or window.

3. Enter the pin that will appear on the screen in the app.

4. You should now see your screen projected on the wall-mounted screen.



  • Make sure you can see the IP address or Device Name on the TV screen. If you do not, please contact HuskyTech at 308-7000.
  • If you are having issues with the app, you may need to restart the app.
  • You should be connected to the WiFi using HuskyNet Secure. The public WiFi will NOT work.
  • The access code will change each time you log out of that room.
  • Only one person at a time can present.
  • Make sure you stop sharing your screen when you are done presenting.
  • You can favorite a room so you don't have to search by IP each time.
    • Once you favorite a room, you can select that room and connect easily by inputting the PIN number.

Common Questions

  • Can anyone see my screen share outside of my room?
    • No, you do not need to worry about live streaming to others outside of the room.
  • Can I use audio?
    • Yes, however, there will be a slight one-second delay. If you mute your audio on the device you're presenting from, the audio will indeed be muted.
      • Videos will work to play but we do not recommend sharing videos over this application 



Additional Assistance

Using Airtame

Troubleshooting Airtame



  • Some rooms may have Airtame either directly connected to the display (TV or Projector) OR as a part of the A/V system's touch screen, under Source Selection labeled "Wireless Video".









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