Work Authorizations (for Student Supervisors)


How to enter work authorizations for student employees



As a supervisor of student employees to enter work authorizations, follow the instructions below. Also watch for periodic emails throughout the year for information about academic and summer work authorizations. Your student employment budget can be spent through June 30th. A new balance begins with the new fiscal year on July 1st.


Students with a current object code of 0920 or 0960Create a new work authorization using the 0910 object code from the end of spring semester to June 30 for end of current fiscal year AND July 1 to start of fall semester – new fiscal year 

Students with a current object code of 0910Use current work authorization and June 30 as the end date for current fiscal year AND July 1 to start of fall semester – new fiscal year

NOTE: You can find the object code under which a student is being paid by going to ISRS screen PR0024UG under the "Account Details" section. 

Summer Job Postings & Hiring

  • If you need to hire a student for the summer, please email a job description (template and examples attached) and so the position can be posted on Handshake (sign in using your email address and password).
  • The Notification of Hiring (NOH) form isn’t necessary for summer employment. After you hire a student, enter a work authorization using the object code of 0910. If the student you hired for the summer is going to continue working for the upcoming fall/spring semesters, then you can complete the NOH form.





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