What can I do with my major?


What kinds of jobs and careers can I do with my major?



I'd like to know what kinds of jobs and careers I can obtain with my major?


If you are struggling to figure out "what's next", here are some resources we recommend!

  • Our website! We have a list of most undergraduate majors. If you click on the name of the major you are interested in, it will bring you to a page that gives more detailed information such as career titles, salary and outlook, as well as employers. This should provide you with a starting point for career exploration within your major.
  • Set up a meeting with us! Our Career Advising Team is always available to assist you in discovering new opportunities for a career in your major. In your one-on-one meeting, you and the advisor can discuss your specific interests in your field as well as your skills and future goals!
  • Network! Use networking sites like LinkedIn or network the old-fashioned way and learn about the various applications of the major you will be graduating with. Chat with people that have similar academic backgrounds to yours about their career and what it entails. This is a great way to both get your name out in your field as well as learn about possible career opportunities.

Have more questions? Contact the Career Center at 320-308-2151 or careercenter@stcloudstate.edu

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