Deciding on a major


What steps can be taken to decide on a major?


Career exploration is one of the many resources that the Career Center provides. There are many paths to begin your career exploration journey.

  • On our website, you can find an exhaustive list of the undergraduate majors SCSU provides. This is a great place to start to get a basic overview of what SCSU has to offer. If you click on the name of the major, it will bring you to a page that gives more detailed information, such as career titles, salary and outlook, as well as employers. All these options may feel overwhelming, but we strongly encourage you to look through some majors you could be interested in and learn about them!
  • Meeting with our expert Career Advising Team is another great way to learn about the various career opportunities at St. Cloud State. Our staff are trained to work with students in exploring tools, discussing decision making strategies, as well as answering any questions you may have. We are here to support you in this process!
  • Take an assessment! Career assessments are great ways to learn more about yourself and your interests. We recommend the FOCUS 2 career assessment which is an approximately 30 minute assessment that will gauge your personality, interests, and values and generate a list of possible majors that would align with them. We have other various career assessments listed on our website that can help in the decision making process.


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