Have a bachelor's degree and returning to SCSU


What if I have a bachelor's degree and wish to return to SCSU



I have already earned my Bachelor's (undergraduate) degree, and I want to return to SCSU for further (undergraduate) education. What should I do?


We look forward to welcoming you back!

If you have earned your undergraduate degree from SCSU and want to return to for an additional undergraduate degree, a minor or certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Office of Records & Registration. You are encouraged to consult with a Graduation Evaluator at (320) 308-2111 or registrar@stcloudstate.edu.The evaluator will obtain information from you, explain your options along with University policies and procedures such as the    Graduation Policies & Procedures, and provide instructions tailored to your personal goal.
  2. Contact the Department. Contact the major/minor department you are interested in for advising and official admittance to the program. Be sure to mention you are a returning student who already has a Bachelor's degree. The information you receive from the Office of Records & Registration will assist you and your faculty advisor to determine what course of action best suits your needs. You will receive instructions on how to be formally admitted to your program and advised on what courses to take. Once you have been formally admitted to your major/minor degree click on How to Access Your Degree Audit to review your degree audit.
  3. Register for Courses. For registration information and step-by-step directions, visit the Registration Guide.

Please contact the Office of Records and Registration at (320) 308-2111 or registrar@stcloudstate.edu if you need further assistance.



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