Seek Registration Permission


Directions on accessing and using the "Seek Registration Permission" digital form in the School of Graduate Studies


Students may need to seek permission from the School of Graduate Studies to enroll in courses. 

The Seek Registration Permission form allows you to seek permission to:

  • Enroll in a graduate course as a senior undergraduate student
  • Request an overload
  • Take an undergraduate course for graduate credit (501)
  • Take a master's course for doctoral credit (701)
  • Request to repeat a course for the third time


  • To complete this request login here with your StarID and password. 
  • Check your degree audit report (DARS) online by clicking on eservices then Academic Records, then Degree Audit.
  • Consult with your program advisor/director as needed, to ensure you have all information necessary to accurately complete your request online. Refer to the School of Graduate Studies Academic Policies for additional information.
  • Please contact the School of Graduate Studies for additional assistance at:

Once this form is complete and submitted, allow time for your advisor and academic department to review your request. Once the form reaches the School of Graduate Studies, allow 10 business days for processing. An email notifying you of the decision will be sent to your SCSU email and this form will be archived in your student record, or you can log back into this system as needed to check your form(s) status at: to review the My Outstanding Requests block in the upper left corner.



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