Cloud-connected computers


Cloud-connected (Entra ID) computers provide a seamless sign-on experience to services like Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Adobe. Computers will not be joined to the domain.



In efforts to modernize and improve the efficiencies of our technology systems, ITS will soon be configuring campus computers as cloud-connected computers. This will result in a reduction of costs associated with security, support, and maintenance of campus computers.

Computers will be configured to provide a more seamless sign-on experience to services like Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Adobe. Computers will not be joined to the domain. Most software will be installed via the Company Portal (replacement to Software Center). Most data will be migrated from file servers to Microsoft Teams. This includes department files and folders. Local files must be migrated to a cloud location (Teams or OneDrive) before imaging/configuring your computer. 

Employees will not have immediate administrator access to their computers. Applications will be installed locally, usually via the Company Portal. Custom software can be installed by a technician. Temporary administrator rights can be granted if the software is not available in the Company Portal. Applications that do not run without administrator access can be added to a "safe" list that would allow the application to work without special permission. Applications that are utilized by multiple people will usually be added to the Company Portal.

These improvements will allow us to modernize our fleet, improve our services, and reduce our overhead costs. Enhancements like this may require us to alter the way we use our work computers. We want to alleviate the stress associated with these adjustments, but please understand that some changes will be necessary.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” — Stephen Hawking


The key benefits:

  • Provide a more seamless and effective end-user experience for many online applications and services
  • Improve security by leveraging built-in security controls
  • Improve the experience and provide flexibility for our students, faculty, and staff 
  • Simplify deployment and management
  • Remove our reliance on legacy servers and infrastructure.
  • Enable us to leverage external support from System Office and O365 team/external partners for platform availability, security, device provisioning, device management, identity, and access management. 
  • Move towards a scenario where multi-user and Public Workstations (eclassrooms and public labs) can easily and natively access Teams and OneDrive



ITS will contact you regarding the transition to Teams and a Cloud-connected device. If you have questions, please submit a ticket and an ITS employee will contact you. 






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