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Services or Offerings?
Request a new group email distribution list that pulls from a data source (e.g. ISRS), or a change to an existing list.

Request a shared mailbox (SCSU email account that can be used by multiple people).

Report an IT security issue or event such as phishing, virus, scams, suspected hacking of account, etc. For confidential matters, please submit a ticket for "Request IT Security Assistance for Confidential Matters".

Request a supplemental account (includes department files space and Wi-Fi capabilities that can be used by multiple people).

Request the creation of electronic forms, workflows, reports and/or business process improvement through digitalization.

Subscribe or unsubscribe to SCSU-Announce or SCSU-Discuss lists at your convenience. Instructions are available at

To request the combination of mulitple course sections into one D2L Brightspace course, use the Course Request application (

Request a change to information on St. Cloud State University's public website.

Request usage analytics for SCSU-hosted web services and applications.