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  • Data Integration provides insightful and robust data assets to our campus community for current and future decision making. Data is an important asset and leveraging data is a critical component in delivering the core mission of SCSU.
  • Developers support applications that have been created in order to automate processes around campus. From complex workflows that pull data from ISRS, to portlets consumed by the student portal, our team has integrated many systems across campus. 


  • Giving campus the ability to connect various data sources seamlessly 
  • Working with developers that understand technical language from vendor to advocate on the best solution for campus
  • Working with developers that understand the storage of data and the knowledge to transfer data securely
  • Analytics including:
    • Data Modeling
    • Business logic etl (Extract Transform Load) transformations
    • Data quality validation
    • Daily refresh of data models
    • ML (Machine Learning) ready data sets
  • Historical tracking
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Survey data analysis
  • Performance metric tracking
  • Data pipelines between third party clients and campus data warehouse
  • PowerBI data set integration for interactive reporting


  • Provide insightful and robust data.
  • Constantly be searching for new data assets and data points.
  • Interacting with campus to better understand campus needs.
  • Obtain user feedback and actively measure growth. 
  • Increase data literacy to empower campus to leverage self service data assets.
  • Increase the accessibility and relevance of data assets. 
  • Provide individualized experience that leverages an environment that is appropriate for user derived services.
  • Assist campus in moving toward analytic maturity. 


  • If you have a need for application development or integration, please contact HuskyTech
  • Do you have any other questions? Find technology assistance and answers in our Knowledge Base
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