Web or Software Usage Analytics


  • St. Cloud State University utilizes Google Analytics to provide free web site analysis and reporting on how web sites are being used. 
  • Monthly reports are available for departments and offices to receive which include information about top pages within those sites.
    • These reports are sent from Google Data Studio.
    • Standard reports show a line graph of all site pageviews, with most recent month's data as well as the previous time period's data for comparison. Data is also shown for the top 25 visited pages in your site listed below main headings and contain similar information for each page shown.
    • Customized reports can also be created, tailored to include data you want to see.


  • Standard monthly reports headings include:
    • Pageviews: The total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted. 
    • Unique Pageviews: The number of visits during which one or more of these pages was viewed.
    • Avg. Time on Page: The average amount of time visitors spent viewing this set of pages or page.
  • Interactive reports are available by clicking on the link in the email that is sent. Within the interactive report in Google Data Studio, you will be able to:
    • See full report beyond top 25 pages (if applicable).
    • Change the time period of the report.
    • Hover over the line graph to see data for each line’s point.
    • Click on each page to see line graph data specific to that page.
    • Sort table data by columns.


  • Contact web@stcloudstate.edu with questions or to request a report be scheduled for your site. 
  • Do you have any other questions? Find technology assistance and answers in our Knowledge Base


  • Available to faculty and staff
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