Request wired network port


  • Network jacks are used to provide network connection via an Ethernet cable
  • Every jack on campus should be marked with an identification number. Please include the identification information when submitting this request
  • If an existing port is available, we may be able to move it to a more convenient location in your office. 
  • Faculty and staff are eligible to request this service


  • Ethernet connection is a more secure way of accessing the network
  • Some Enterprise applications (CAPS) require an ethernet connection on a specific network
  • An ethernet connection generally provides a more reliable connection than a wireless connection


  • ITS will gather information and review the proposed modification. ITS will provide a quote for a vendor to complete this service. 
  • Do you have other questions? Find technology assistance and answers in our Knowledge Base.


  • Requests should be submitted by a department supervisor, dean, or office manager.
  • The department is responsible to pay for the service.  
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