T.V. Issues in Group Study Room



The TV/Monitor in a group study room turned off on its own, and there are no buttons on the TV to turn it back on.

Did the computer turn off? Did I lose my files? What should steps need to be taken?




Group Study Rooms

If the TV (the display) has turned off or appears black, it does not mean that the computer has turned off or has lost any data.

To turn the TV (the display) back on, you will need to do the following steps on the Touch Panel located directly below the TV.

These steps will affect the TV (display) and not the computer.

  1. Wake up touch panel by touching the screen
  2. Touch the "Power Off" button
  3. Touch the "Power On" button

The TV should turn on again, and you can resume your work.

Regardless of whether this resolves your issue or not, please report the incident by calling (320) 308-7000 or by talking to a consultant at HuskyTech located in the Miller Center MC 102.



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