Paying Another School with a Consortium Agreement.


Paying another school with a consortium agreement. 


I have a consortium agreement on file. Why did it not pay my bill at the other school? 


A consortium agreement allows students to receive aid at their home institution (SCSU) for credits they take at other institutions for their SCSU degree. A consortium agreement must be submitted and approved before you are able to receive aid for the credits listed on the consortium. See “Consortium Agreement.”  

Financial aid only applies directly to the home institution. If you have funds greater than the charges at SCSU, also known as an overage, after the SCSU bill is paid you will receive the overage directly. Overages are either sent to you via direct deposit (preferred method) or a paper check in the mail. You will then use the overage to pay the bill at the other school(s). SCSU will not pay the charges for you.


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