Green "Go" in My e-Services


Students may have their registration cancelled for non-payment if they do not meet one of the following by the fifth day of classes each semester. You only need to meet one of the following.

  • Make a payment of $300 or 15% of tuition and fees (whichever is less); or
  • Have a FAFSA on file with the SCSU Financial Aid Office; or
  • Have a third party payment authorization/tuition waiver on file with SCSU Business Office; or
  • Sign up for a NelNet Business Solutions (NBS) payment plan via your student e-Services; or
  • Pay tuition and fees in full.


What does a green “go” mean in my e-Services? 


A green "go" in your student e-Services only means that you have met the minimum requirement so that your registration will not be cancelled. It does not mean that your financial aid file is complete or aid has applied to your account. 

Financial aid applies to students' accounts approximately the sixth business day of each semester. See important dates and deadlines for when aid applies each semester. 


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