Scheduling an Appointment with your Advisor

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How do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?


Scheduling an appointment with an advisor depends on the type of advisor with whom you are meeting: 

  • Advising & Student Transitions  – Call the main office (320-308-6075) or stop in CH 366 to schedule your appointment. A limited number of walk-in appointments are also available each day in Zoom and in-person. Instructions available online at:  
  • Herberger Business School – Call the Business Advising Center (320-308-3214) or stop in CH 229 to schedule your appointment. Walk-in appointments are also available. Details online at:  
  • Honors – Students in the Honors Program may call the main office (320-308-6623) or email to schedule an appointment.
  • Multicultural Student Services (MSS) – Call the main office (320-308-3952) or stop in CH 221 to see if an advisor is available.
  • Department Advisor – Call or email the faculty member well in advance so they can fit you into their schedule. It's always a good idea to establish the best form of communication with your department advisor. Some faculty post office hours and welcome walk-in appointments while others prefer scheduled appointments. Check with the department office if you are having trouble contacting your faculty advisor.


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