Roommate Assignment


How will I be assigned a roommate?


Room Assignments and roommate assignments for incoming students are based upon the date when we receive your signed housing application and your $200 pre-payment. The housing application and on-line payment directions can be found on the Residential Life home page. The sooner both of these items are submitted, the better your chances are of being assigned to your specific hall choice.

Fall Housing: Starting mid-April, students will be able to select their room and hall for the following year. If a student has a requested roommate, they will both need to select the same room number.


Student A picks Shoemaker Hall E310-1
Student B picks Shoemaker Hall E310-2

Spring Housing: The Room Coordinator will make the new spring semester housing assignments. The housing assignment is made based off of the student's selected hall preferences. Once assignments are made, the housing assignment and roommate information will be emailed out to the student.



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