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Air conditioning in residence hall rooms

Will I have air conditioning in my room

Bringing a bicycle to campus

Am I able to bring my bike to campus

Bringing a car to college

Will I be able to bring my car to campus

Bringing a rug

Can I put a rug in my room

Building a loft in your room

Am I able to build a loft in my room

Changing my housing application

What to do in order to change my housing application

Cooking facilities

Are there kitchen appliances on campus

Curtains in residence hall rooms

Will I need curtains for my room

Decorating your residence hall room

What limits are there in decorating my room

Furniture provided in the residence hall rooms

What furniture can I expect in my room

Insurance to cover belongings

Do I need insurance for the belongings in my room

Laundry rooms in the residence halls

Is there laundry service on campus?

Linen offered in residence halls

Is there a linen program for students living on campus

Moving in Early

Is there any option to move in early

Refrigerators in residence halls

Is there a limit on refrigerators in the halls

Room Assignment

How will my room assignment be determined

Room Assignment Notifications

When will I get my room assignment

Roommate Assignment

When will my roommate be determined?

Size of mattresses and beds in residence halls

What mattresses/bed size do I need to prepare for

Space under the bed

What amount of space will I have under the bed

Special Interest/Themed Housing

Does SCSU offer any special interest/themed housing

The best residence hall to live in

What residence hall should I live in

Transportation available

What transportation is there for in and out of campus

What you should and shouldn't bring to college

What items should I bring with me to campus