Federal Loan is "Certified"


Federal loan is "certified" 


My federal Direct Loan has been "certified." Does that mean I have completed everything and my loans will apply to my account? 


If your federal Direct Loan is listed as "certified" in your e-Services it means we have received and processed your requested loan amount. It does does not necessarily mean that you have completed all requirements for the loan funds to apply to your bill and charges.

In most cases a certified loan applies to your billing account within two business days. If your loan is certified and it has been longer than two business days without applying to your billing account, please contact the Financial Aid Office.   

Loan funds apply starting with financial aid disbursement dates after you have completed all of the requirements.  

To verify that your loan funds have applied to your account, visit your e-Services, select "Bills and Payments" and “Account Detail” to verify that the loan applied to your charges.


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