How Can I Use Financial Aid to Charge Books at the Bookstore?


Students may charge books at the campus bookstore to their bill before the start of each semester/term. 


How can I use financial aid to charge books at the campus bookstore? 


You do not use financial aid to charge your books, rather you must first charge your books and then once financial aid applies to your account, it may be used to pay for your books.  

The Business Services Office sets the dates when bookstore charging is available at the campus bookstore either in-store or online. The payment method requires you to provide your ID card (in-store purchases), or enter your SCSU 8-digit Tech ID number (online purchases). This allows you to charge your books to your bill. When your aid applies to your account, it can go towards your bookstore charges. 

Contact the Business Service Office with any questions about this process. Do not contact the Financial Aid Office.  


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