Obtaining a Transcript for the Senior to Sophomore (CIS) Program


How do I request a SCSU transcript for the Senior to Sophomore (CIS) program?



Here is the link to order your official transcript:


Click on the red box on the left “Order Transcripts”

Click on the green box at the bottom “Order Transcript(s)”

If you currently have an outstanding financial obligation to St Cloud State University, we will not be able to process your transcript request.

Please make sure all your grades are posted with SCSU before you request your transcript or you will have to order an additional transcript once all grades have been posted.  Note:  There is an option that states "Hold For Grades" and your transcript won't be mailed until all grades are posted.

If you need an official SCSU transcript sent to a Minnesota State college or university, that institution may be able to obtain your SCSU transcript free of charge. Please contact that institution directly for further information.

Please contact the Office of Records and Registration at 320-308-2111 or registrar@stcloudstate.edu if you need further assistance.

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