International Admission & I-20


When do I get the admission letter & I-20 immigration document?


Processing time is dependent on the applicant to submit all the required application materials. All completed files are processed in the order they were received by the admissions review committee. An electronic acceptance email is sent once the admission decision is made.

St. Cloud State University (SCSU) employs a rolling admissions process. The soft deadlines are intended to motivate applicants to apply early in order to obtain a visa and make travel arrangements in time for their intended semester. That means if you submit a completed file by the deadline, SCSU guarantees an admission decision will be made in order for you to arrive (if accepted) for the next starting semester. If your file becomes complete AFTER the deadline, SCSU continues to process applications but can no longer guarantee that the admission decision will be made in time for you to arrive for the next starting semester.

We do our best to process all files in a timely manner. We reserve the right to defer an application to the next available semester, if we do not feel a student can arrive in time for orientation.


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