Standard Student Fees


Why am I being charged Student Fees? 


The Standard Student fees are charged on a per credit basis for all credits taken at the University, on-campus and on-line, and are listed in the table below.  All these fees (Health Services, Student Activity, Athletics, Facility Assessment, Student Union), except for Technology and MSUSA, are only charged on the first 9 credits taken each semester (capped at 9).  Technology and MSUSA fees are unlimited, and charged on all credits registered for at the University.  If a student lives outside the state of Minnesota, we do not require them to pay all of the student fees and some can be waived, but documentation must be provided showing the student resides in another state.


Our Student Services areas are open and serving students, so please know that they are available for you as a student, even during this pandemic.  The standard student fees do go to support these important Student Services areas at the University that are available for all students, and without these fees, these auxiliary areas would not be able to stay open.  All fees at any MnState Universities and colleges are approved by the MnState Board before charged by the University.


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