Billing and Payments

Find answers about billing & payment dates, cost of attending SCSU, your student account, third-party benefits and more

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Accessing your Billing Statement

How to access your tuition statement

Cost of Attendance at SCSU

Information on average cost of attendance

Didn't Receive a Paper Bill

Information on not receiving a bill in the mail

Financial Aid Applied to your Bill

When and how financial aid is applied to your bill

Financial Aid in Excess of Charges

When and how excess funds from financial aid are disbursed

Give Someone Else Access to a Student Account

How to give your parents access to your student account

How to Pay my Bill Online with SCSU

How to pay my bill online

Printing a 1098-T Online

How to print your 1098-T

Refund Policy

Policy on tuition refunds

Re-registering after Missed Payment Deadline

How to re-register after missed payment

Resident tuition and non-resident tuition

What defines resident and non-resident tuition

Sign up for Direct Deposit

Information on direct deposit

Standard Student Fees

Standard Student Fees charged for registered credits

Tuition and Fees for Graduate Assistantships

Tuition and fees information for graduate assistantships

Tuition is being paid by a Third Party Agency

Information on third-party payments

Unpaid Balance Holds on My Account

Information on account holds

Will Financial Aid Cover my Bill?

Information on financial aid coverage and budgeting