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What is the policy on tuition refunds?


Students may drop classes within the first week of the fall or spring semester and receive a full refund for that class or classes. Any class that is withdrawn from after that time will not be given a refund unless the student withdraws from ALL classes, and is eligible for a partial % refund based on the week of withdrawal.  There are no refunds on partial withdrawals after the free add/drop period

  1. Withdraw from your courses through your e-services. Using your StarID, login in to your e-Services, go to “Courses and Registration” and select “View/Modify Schedule”. Follow the steps to withdraw from your courses. Failure to formally withdraw from your courses will result in “F” grades posting on your academic transcript.


  1. Once you withdraw from your courses (step #1 above), you will have “W” grades and are financially obligated for the course(s). To request to have the “W” grades changed to “dropped” courses, you may file the “Petition for Late Drop” to receive a refund.  Refunds are rare and are typically only approved if the class didn’t meet before the drop period or if there was a documented institutional error.  Any questions about completing the petition may be directed to the Office of Records and Registration, contact information listed on the form.

Please refer to the Student Registration & Financial Services Policies and Guidelines page, under "Cancellation and Return of Financial Aid" for more information.


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