How to update State and Federal Taxes

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  • Log into Employee Self-Service at
  • Go into the Self Service, Other Payroll, and then click on W-4 and MWR: 
  • Scroll past the federal form to the "State Withholding" box, and click on it
  • Enter any changes that you wish to make on the state tax return.  If you have moved out of MN, but it still shows a MN tax return, ensure that you have updated your address in the Employee Home system, so that the system will show you a non-MN tax document. 
    •  If you wish to change your federal tax W-4, click on the yellow box next to the W-4 Tax Data field. 
  • Once you've finished making updates, click on the "Go Back" button
  • Then click on the "Submit" button on the federal tax page: 

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